So, we were all blown away when Steve announced the $199 iPhone. This is great news for folks who want to start a new contract with Rogers or Fido, but if you’re already in an existing contract, and are not eligible for a phone upgrade, you’ll paying a lot more for your precious iPhone 3G. Rogers has not announced all the pricing details yet, but if they are to follow AT&T’s model, they’ll be treating it like any other phone. You get a deal on the phone, with a new contract. In the case of the iPhone, contracts are expected to be 3 years, $30 per month, for unlimited data, plus whatever voice plan you choose. I’m glad to be an early adopter, in this case. My 1st gen iPhone doesn’t have a data plan attached to it; I just use WIFI, wherever I can.

Here’s some early reviews of the iPhone 3G on Rogers. I took this from This is a great blog, dedicated to the iPhone:

…on the iPhone 3G design:
– So far it’s really nice. Very sleek. I would say lighter than before however, I still prefer my aluminum first gen over the plastic back on the 2nd gen. I don’t want to say it feels cheap–but it does not feel as solid.

..on how GPS fares…
– GPS is REALLY COOL! Just like advertised. Very detailed, very accurate.

…on how 3G compares to EDGE:
– There is also no button to toggle 3G, however because this isn’t a true 2.0 it seems, that could change.
– The 3G is VISIBLY faster however still seems to load SOOO slow. (there must be something wrong with this site, its always slow on phones!!!)
– Oh and it seems to get really hot, really fast with browsing…similar to 1st gen but even more so.

…on the overall impression of the iPhone 3G:
– Features still the same. The menus are a little more cleaned up. Parental controls are there but useless to me.  It feels a little “cheap” compared to the aluminum backing but you can get used to it.
– Keyboard seems MUCH more responsive than before. And there is a contacts button on the homescreen.
– Other than that, not much change. Exchange still seems buggy so I stopped using it. Calendar has been cleaned up a bit, more usage it terms of setting schedules and editting. So far, that’s about it.

…On iPhone 3G battery life…
– Battery is better today. I used 3G browsing for 2 hours, music for 1 hour, GPS for 5 min and about 5 hours in talk time. Full charge at 7am. Right now at 5:15pm, I’m at about 40% I’d say. Just under half. On my old iPhone, I’d be less than 25%.

…on Rogers branding within the iPhone software:
– Also, there were rumours that local GSM carriers were going to put branding on it. Well, this one has NO branding except for the carrier name. Where it says carrier name that it’s where the signal bars are.

Rumored Rogers/Fido Data Plans Revealed on HowardForums

HowardForums member i.Fido posted a supposedly leaked Rogers internal email, that revealed upcoming pricing on iPhone 3G data plans. The following prices were mentioned:

Consumer Data Plan (must be added to qualified voice plan):
$30 – Unlimited Data (E-mail/Web), includes Visual Voicemail when subscribed to any voicemail service.

Enterprise Data Plan (must be added to qualified voice plan):
$45 – Unlimited Data with personal and corporate e-mail, web, includes Visual Voicemail when subscribed to any voicemail service.