So, it looks like western Canada’s cable giant, Shaw, has purchased a chunk of the wireless bandwidth in the recent auction. This means that we will see a wireless division of Shaw in the near future. How soon is really based on one crucial thing: does Shaw want to just piggy back an existing network to get themselves out there, or do they want to start from the ground up, building their own network to avoid any 3rd party hassles.

I would like to see them start out by piggy backing another carrier, and work on there own network at the same time. Similar to what they did with their broadband internet. They started out with a company call “@ Home”, and eventually got there own product up and running.

It would be nice to see some GSM competition in Canada. Speaking of this, Telus and Bell will be combining forces to create a new GSM network. I read this on “Bell and Telus are looking to switch to either Wideband-CDMA (WCDMA) or High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology, both of which are similar to GSM in how they transmit data, UBS said. Over the past few years, Bell and Telus have seen Rogers run away with signing up new customers, who are attracted to flashy GSM phones — including the iPhone — that are not available to CDMA carriers. The move would cost the companies a combined $360 million to $480 million, UBS said, while equipment vendors Huawei and Nokia Siemens Networks would be the likely candidates to do the work.” You can read the full story here:

This huge switch would mean exchanging all handsets, as well, (I would guess). This will probably end up costing customers, some how, in the long run, but we definitely need to see some competition for Rogers. This could also help Shaw with there wireless product, as they would have a choice of carriers to piggy back, if they decided to go that route. Shaw has an excellent relationship with Rogers, but also has a relationship with Bell, as Bell help Shaw launch their digital phone service (home phone). Then again, if Bell is teaming up with Telus (Shaw’s direct competitor), there may be some burnt bridges to rebuild.

This is, of course mostly speculation, on my part. We’ll have to wait and see what the next year or so has to bring.