Hey folks. I’ve been away from this for a bit. So, what’s new?

Well, there was the Olympics…..don’t care; didn’t really watch ’em. I missed Conan O’Brien for 2 weeks, though.

Our iPhones got firmware updates…twice. Man, that keyboard lag was driving me insane, but it’s fixed now. Pwnage Tool 2.0.3 will unlock, activate, and jailbreak the 2.0.2 firmware now, but still no unlock for the 3G. Still waiting to see if there will be a new release of Ziphone.

New Metallica album is out Sept 12th. I’ve heard 3 tracks from “Death Magnetic”, and they are all kicking my ass! I’ve loved every Metallica album, but it’s nice to hear the old “thrash”, that Metallica was famous for, when I first started listening to them. “Death Magnetic” is sounding like it should have been the follow up to “…And Justice For All”. The newest single, “My Apocalypse”, has the killer crushing riffs and the Hetfield growl, and the face melting Kirk solos we’ve all been longing for.