Well, Steve has laid it down, one again. First off was iTunes 8.0. New update includes “Genius”. This feature can make smart playlists; you choose a song, hit the genius button, and iTunes will automatically choose similar songs for you, and add them ot a playlist. That is available to download for free, right now.

Next up, iPod. Complete redesign of the Nano. Back to the tall format, but much thinner, featuring a curved aluminum case and curved glass widescreen. Uses the accelerometer from the iPhone and iPod Touch so you can turn it on it’s side for cover flow, and watching videos. Also, you can shake the iPod to shuffle and skip songs. 24 hours of battery life for music and 4 hours for video. 8GB is $149 and 16GB is $199, coming in many new colours. Steve also announced they are discontinuing the “thick” iPod Classic. They will now just carry one thin 120GB model.

iPod Touch is also getting a redesign, following the footsteps of the iPhone 3G. It will be thinner, with a curved stainless still back. It will now feature side volume controls and an external speaker. They come in 8GB for $229, 16GB for $299, and 32GB for $399. They showed off a few new games, like “Spore Origins” and a new Need For Speed from EA Games. They really focused on games for a while, Steve then saying “It’s the best portable device for playing games.”. Look out Nintendo DS.

Something else Steve hit us with: “We’ve also got some great accessories… armband, some headphones as well… we have a pair we’re introducing… these headphones have a pause / play and volume control, double click goes to next song, triple click goes to previous, right from the cable, and there’s a microphone for voice recording.”

Last new thing Steve announced was, that iPhone Software 2.1.0 will be released this Firday. Here’s what he had to say: “This is a big update, it fixes lots of bugs. Fewer dropped calls, big battery life improvements. No crashes with Apps. Backing up is faster. Some great new performance enhancements… free to all owners, available this Friday.”

So, that’s is in a nutshell. Thanks to Endgadget for the live updates and all the pics seen here. Click the link below to read Endgadget’s entire coverage of the event. http://www.engadget.com/2008/09/09/live-from-apples-lets-rock-event-in-san-francisco/. Also, if you want to watch the press conference, Apple will most likely have the entire thing streaming from thier website, by the end of the day.