So, the firmware is out, and preliminary reports are good. I found this post at, by Stafan:

“1-Phone seems a bit more responsive
2-Baseband has been updated to v2.11.07 !!! ***
3-3G signal in my office jumped from 1 bar to 5!
4-Surfing on 3G seems fast and reliable
5-Contacts seem faster and snappier though I only have about 300 of them. However keyboard use in Contacts is still sluggish.
6-Wifi connectivity seems the same – no improvements.
7-No Cut and paste!
8-Exchange email sync seems faster – unsure yet if it fixes the mail crashing bug that has plagued the iPhone 3G since v2.0. Will continue to test…
9-Calendar startup is noticeably faster. I use mine synced with Exchange.
10-Camera startup seems the same.
11-AppStore Applications installation seems a lot snappier.”

Some people have reported no real noticable changes, but they also did not have the previous sluugishness and crashing issues. The key thing here, for me, is the baseband update. This means anyone with v1 iPhone will have to wait to upgrade to 2.1, until there is an unlock for it (Dev Team or Ziphone….yes Zibri posted today, that he is working on this!)

Also included in the new firmware is the “Genius Playist” that was introduced on Tuesday.