So all the speculation from the past few months comes to a head today, in Cupertino, as Mr. Steve “Jesus” Jobbs introduces the new line of MacBooks. Big thanks to Endgadget for the live updates, as they were on scene, for the press conference.

The conference opened up with an explanation of why Mac has done so well over the past couple of years. Thier list is as follows: 1. Better computers, 2. Better software, 3. Compatibility (you can easily run Windows on a Mac now, with Boot Camp), 4. Vista (the failure of Vista has brought Mac into many new homes), and 5. Marketing (the “Hello, I’m a Mac..” commercials were, and still are, a big hit). Finishing off the intro, they added that for fiscal ’08, Q1 to Q3, they have already matched units sold in all of fiscal ’07. Impressive.

Now to the good stuff. The new Macbooks have gone through some changes inside, and out. The body is now one solid piece of aluminum, carved from a 2.5LB brick, down to a .5lb piece. Graphics have been switched from Intel to the new NVIDIA GeForce 9400 M. It is supposed to deliver up to 6X better graphics performance. Next change is the trackpad. It is now a multi-touch, glass track pad (yes, just like an iPhone), with no “click” buttons. The entire pad is the button, and is completely customizable, to make multiple buttons. With this new trackpad, you control your Mac with different finger gestures (insert crude joke here). You use 1, 2, 3, and 4 fingers to swipe and tap your way around the internet, and through all your apps.

The first in the line to be shown off is the new MacBook Pro. Much thinner and lighter than before, featuring these changes: precision aluminum unibody enclosure, LED back lit display, next generation graphics (NVIDIA), multi-touch glass trackpad, and a back-lit keyboard. 2 different models, depending how much power and memory you want: $1999 for 2.4 Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB’s of RAM, and 250GB HHD. $2400 for 2.53 Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB’s of RAM, and 320GB HHD. For an extra cost you can get a 128GB SSD (solid state drive), instead of the HHD, and up to 4GB’s of RAM. Both models feature a 15 inch display. They later mentioned the the 17inch model is being refreshed as well, but no pricing details were given.

Next is the ever popular MacBook. The Macbook has been completely redesigned to more closely match it’s big brother, the MacBook Pro. All the same new features I mentioned above: precision aluminum unibody enclosure, LED back lit display, next generation graphics (NVIDIA), multi-touch glass trackpad, and a back-lit keyboard. 2 models for this one are as follows: $1299 for 2.0 Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB’s of Ram, and 160GB HHD. $1599 for 2.4 Intel core 2 Duo, 2 GB’s of RAM, and 250GB HHD. Upgrades include: 320GB HHD, up to 4GB’s of RAM, and the 128GB SSD. This model will replace the current Black MacBook, and they will continue to sell the White MacBook, with a price drop to $999.

Some other things to note from the press conference: The MacBook Air has been updated with some of the new features. They unvieled a new 24″ Mac Display, for $899. Also, is thier new “Mini Display Port” replaces their “Mini DVI” they have been using for a while, and will be featured on all future models. There was a Q&A at the end, where they were asked about Blu-Ray and HDMI. Apparently their Mini Display Port can support a higher resolution than HDMI, and is a much smaller port. Licensing issues have stopped them from even thinking about offering a Blu-Ray drive. Besides there is tons of HD content, via iTunes.

Well that’s all I’ve got. All new models will be available online at later today, and will be in stores within the week. Once again, big thanks go out to Endgadget for the live updates and the pictures. For the complete story, just go there. Also, you will probably be able to stream the press conference at, later today.