Wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve been here! Not sure why I tend to neglect my blog for weeks at a time. Which gave me the idea to give you a small glimpse into my life. Here are the top (however many I can think of) web sites I visit, on a daily basis, in no particular order: – If you’ve been reading my blog, or know anything about me, you know that I’m all about the iPhone. is the first site I go to everyday, for the latest Canadian iPhone news. Gary runs a solid, and very informative blog, with regular contests and give-aways of the products he reviews. A must read, for all Canadian iPhone owners. – I’m usually out the door pretty early, so I’m surfin’ on my iPhone by the time I get my coffee. Instead of grabbing a newspaper, I use the iPhone optimized CBC website. It loads up real quick, (even on EDGE, load times aren’t too bad), and features international, Canadian, and local news. The “My Region” section is great, as you can set it to give you news in your area.

facebooklogoFacebook – Yes, I am among the millions that are on the ‘ole Facebook. I’m usually on there via the iPhone Facebook app, (available through the App Store), keeping up with friends, sharing pictures and videos, and just doing what everyone else does: stalking your “friends”. – I’ve been listening to punk rock since I was about 17, (which is more than half my life). is a great hub for all things punk rock. I also frequent,, and

apple-logo-dec07Apple Movie Trailers – I’m a movie buff, and the place I like to go for the latest movie trailers is They also have an iPhone optimized site (why wouldn’t they, right?), so you can check out the latest trailers on the go. Loading video can be painfully slow on EDGE, but on 3G or WIFI, it’s great. – Gaming seems to be a big part of my life. Our family has all the major consoles, so were ready for just about any game the comes out. I’m the Xbox 360 one, in the family. My wife and daughter are the Nintendo types, with the Wii and the DS. And then there’s the PS3……it’s a great BluRay player…..yeah, we haven’t really found a good game for that system, yet. Although, “LittleBigPlanet” looks promising. is great place to keep up to date on all the leading games on all the current consoles. I’m usually checking out, as well, for the most current XBOX 360 news. – (CLICK THE LINK AT YOUR OWN RISK. NOT WORK FRIENDLY) Okay, I know, typical guy thing, right? What can I say…I’m a guy….I’m a geek…I watch porn. This site has tons of free pics and videos, for pretty much anything you might be into. As always you want to be careful of what you’re clicking, as porn sites are notorious for having trojans and viruses (ironic, right?). Unless you’re on a Mac, like me, then click away!!

Well, there’s a small glimpse in to my daily surfing habits. This should give you a pretty fair profile of who I am. Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue reading, after this post!