apple-iphone-3gThe latest firmware for the iPhone has been released, with not too much excitement. They’ve improved Google Maps, adding street view, transit info, and a couple other things, but these only work in certain cities (not mine). They made Mail and Safari a little more stable, and added a couple of other little tweeks, but still no copy/paste or landscape SMS/Mail. iPhone users have been screaming for these for a while now. Who knew it would be so difficult to add these simple things. Maybe next time? (yeah, right). For details on all the new features in this update, go here.

As usual, the iPhone Dev Team were quick to respond with a Unlock/Jailbreak for the new firmware. It is available now, with the links here, on their blog. They still do not have an unlock for the iPhone 3G, but the jailbreak still works. They did warn everybody that the new firmware does have a baseband update, and that installing the new firmware could hurt your chances of an unlock in the near future. Also, there is no Jailbreak for the new iPod Touch

If you have an unlocked 1st gen iPhone it is safe to do the update in iTunes. There is no new baseband update for the old iPhone, so the phone remains unlocked, but you will lose your jailbreak. If you want the use the new Pwnage Tool, you’ll have to restore in iTunes, then run Pwnage or QwikPwn. I have upgraded to the new firmware, but have yet to re-jailbreak. It’s nice having the phone OS run so quick and smoothly. Typically doing a jailbreak slows down the iPhone. I’ll jailbreak eventually, because I miss all my hacked apps! (shhh…you didn’t read that).

For even more info and reviews on the new firmware, please check out Gary Ng’s blog