ipodtouchjailbreakThis morning the iPhone DevTeam reported, on their blog, that something called “redsn0w” is on the way. Later in the comments of this post they reveal that it is related to the iPod Touch, 2nd gen. This will most likely be the Jailbreak for this device. Many folks have been waiting for this.  As you probably already know, the Jailbreak will give iPod Touch 2g users the ability to add 3rd party apps, via Cydia or Installer, and customize the look of their device, via Winterboard.

The Jailbreak has been around for the 1st gen iPod Touch for a while, but the Jailbreak for the 2nd gen iPod Touch had been delayed, due to work on the iPhone 3G unlock, (yellowsn0w), which has now been released in Cydia and Installer.

Here’s the post from they’re blog:

“Thermonuclear pop!
  • Well it isn’t a British Thermonuclear Device.
  • It isn’t an episode from “The Twilight Zone”
  • And it certainly isn’t iPhone 3G related (right now)
  • There is one other device…
  • It fits in your pocket..
  • What can it be?”

I’ll report back here, when I know more.

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