154412-chinabYeah, okay, I guess it’s about that time of year, when we start seeing supposed leaked pics of new Apple products, from China. These pics, apparently, are of a new model of a black 16GB iPhone back casing. These pics look pretty legit, but we’ll have to wait and see. It’s been rumoured that this next gen iPhone will return to the metal back, like the 1st gen iPhone, but keeping the shape of the 3G. These pics also seem to show a matte finish, rather than the glossy finish of the current iPhone, but it still looks plastic, to me. More colours could also be on the way, but black, white, and silver are probably a good bet.

Apple’s WWDC is in June, so we should see the new iPhone’s announced then. Let’s hope for a memory boost, as well! If we get a 32GB iPhone, I may finally upgrade from my 1st gen iPhone.



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