Just wanted to take a minute to show you how to get more apps on your iPhone, by creating more space for icons on your home screen. As with any tweaks to your iPhone, you’ll need to have it Jailbroken.

The are two tweaks you’ll want to download from Cydia: “Five Icon Dock” (which gives you 5 icons on your dock, duh) and “Fivelrows” (which gives you an extra row of icons on the home screen. Just do a search for these in Cydia. You may need to add a source or 2 to find these. Here’s the sources you need: (you should have this one already, as it is included in Cydia). This one will get you the Five Icon Dock. The other source is: This will get you Fivelrows.

Just install them like any other download from Cydia. Your iPhone will respring after each install. You won’t notice any change in the dock, until you drag a fifth icon down there.

With Fivelrows installed, you may notice the screen looks pretty crowded. Go into to Winterboard and select “No docked Icon Labels” and “No Undocked Icon Labels”. This will take all the names of the apps off the home screen. This will make things look much tidier.

A few other tweaks I like to use are “Font Swap”, “Dock Flow”, and “No Page Dots”. These are all found in Cydia. Dock Flow gives your dock Apple’s cover flow look. No Page Dots basically makes your page dots clear, so you don’t see them. Font Swap allows you to change the system font, clock font, dialer font, and notes font.

With these tweaks you’ll be able to get 37 more apps and games on you screen! Have fun!

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