iphone3event-090312Apple has sent out invites to select media outlets, for a special event on March 17th, to preview the new iPhone firmware, 3.0. The new firmware is suspected to be released in June, with the next generation of the iPhone. Will we get confirmation on this? Who knows, but we will get a sneak peak at some of the new features.

What new features will we see? Here’s some of my guesses: Push notification for apps (not just email). Landscape keyboard for email and SMS. Turn by turn GPS. More advanced Bluetooth support, like stereo Bluetooth and file swapping, among others. This is pure speculation, but we may see a “dashboard” type environment and background processing, to support more advanced multitasking (the Palm Pre has already been showing off this type of UI). Maybe, (big maybe), Adobe Flash support. And, of course, copy and paste (how could they not?!!)

What have you been looking for in your iPhone? Comment below, with your speculation of what may (or may not) be in the new firmware.