skype_1The popular internet based phone service, SKYPE, released it’s official iPhone app today. There has been much aniticipation towards this release, as this gives iPhone users the option to make free phone calls, to other SKYPE users, over a WiFi connection, therefore potentially, greatly reducing cell phone bills. This app has been released everywhere in the world, except Canada! Apparently, there is some sort of patent issue, preventing it’s release in our fine country. It is unclear if this will cleared up anytime soon.

Here’s what I do know about the app: This service DOES NOT work over your providers data plan, so you must be in a WiFi hotspot to use the phone service. The SKYPE app does have chat intergrated, and you are able to use that with your data plan, as well as on WiFi.

I have never used the SKYPE service, and as it is not available in Canada, I have not been able to test the app, myself. I’ll keep you updated, if I can figure out how to get this to work in Canada!