April Fools Day has been taken to a whole other level, with the way we are all connected, via the internet. This morning I awoke to many crazy iPhone rumours, a couple a which I was ready to beleive! Here’s 3 stories that I found amusing.

Number 1 has to go to Gary, over at iPhoneinCanda.ca The headline this morning read: “BREAKING: Rogers Announces iPhone 4G with Lifetime Contracts”. The post went on, extensively, including a seemily “official” press release from Rogers. I was about to get ready to get in line, when it dawned on me what the date was today.


The second story that made me chuckle, was that Cydia had been sold to Microsoft. If you open up Cydia today, you’ll see a new link on the home page that says “Microsoft buys Cydia”. When you open the link, Jay say “Okay, don’t hate me, but I totally sold Cydia to Microsoft.”, and “…Bill Gates showed up to do the deal himself.”. Then there is YouTube link at the bottom of the page, saying “Saurik meets Bill Gates”. When you tap the link, you get “Rick Rolled”. Nice.


The third one I enjoyed, and possibly the most elaborate prank, is Hackulous reporting they released a Windows virtualizer for the iPhone. When you go to there site, there is a well put together video introducing the app, as well as screen shots, and a forum full of comments from folks who have the app running on their iPhones. That would enough, right? NO!! They even went as far as to create an actual download, in Cydia. It is called Winulous. It donloads like any other app. Shows up as a Windows logo, on your home screen. When you tap on it, it kinda looks like windows is opening, but when you read what it’s actually doing (like “Querying the plasma assimilator”), you realize this is not what it claims. Then, at the end of “initializing”, you get the classic Windoze Blue Screen of Death. I laughed out load when I saw that. Especially the “Press any key to continue”. Awesome.



What were your experiences today? Comment below.