Hey, I just saw this on TV and it cracked me up. I ripped it and upped it to YouTube right away. Thought I would share it:

guitarhero-bigI was a fan of Guitar Hero 3, when it first came out, and I got through most of it, but after that, the novelty kinda wore off. Until now! Metallica has to be one of my favourite bands of all time, so when they put out a Guitar Hero game, I dusted off the ‘ole plastic axe! I picked up this game on Sunday, and played through about half the songs, in one sitting (er..standing, I guess). There are tons of classic Metallica tracks in this game, but there are also tons of other great bands that have inspired Metallica, though the years. I have only played the “Single” part of it, but you can also start a band and play all the tracks with the drums and mic from GH: World Tour.

I would recommend this game to fans of Guitar Hero, Metallica, or both. There is a demo available on XBOX Live, if you want to give a try before buying. Here’s a few screenshots I found at VE3D.com: