I got my hands on the new iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.0. I didn’t want to mess up my iPhone, so I grabbed my wife’s 1st gen iPod Touch and loaded it up! Thought I would share some screen shots and what I thought of the new firmware.

First off, I will say, it feels a lot quicker and snappier than my iPhone, right now. This could have a lot to do with the fact that my iPhone is jailbroken, with Winterboard installed, but this seems snappier than any previous update. Typing is actually pleasant, with keyboard responding right away, with every keystroke.

The iPod Touch update does not have near as many updates as the new iPhone firmware, so I don’t really have anything new to show here, that you haven’t seen on other sites. Here’s a few screen shots showing cut/copy/paste, landscape mode on most apps, and the Spotlight page.

img_00012 img_00101

img_00036 img_00043




The iPhone 3.0 update will feature much more. Screen shots on other sites have shown an FM transmitter, video capabilities, voice control/voice dialing, and a percentage battery meter, just to name a few. We can expect all the details during Apple’s keynote at this years WWDC, on June 8th, and mostly likely a 3rd generation iPhone announcement, as well.