straight_edgeIn anti-celebration of 4:20, I thought a would post something that I wrote on Facebook a while back. I have been straight edge my entire life, with no plans or desire to start using drugs or alcohol to make life “better”. It’s a tough topic for me to talk about, because there are not many people in my life that share this point of view. Here’s part of the note I posted on my Facebook:

“Yeah, I’m straight edge. That’s just the way it’s always been for me. I’ve never had any alcohol or drugs in me. I played in a punk rock band for 8 years, and saw all kinds of people do crazy shit to themselves. I just never wanted to be part of that. Some people will say to me, ” Wow, man, you’ve got some amazing will power!!”. I would think to myself, “What? The will power to stay alive?!!”.

Years ago, I used to think that I was somehow better than everyone else, because I stay clean, and I would preach to everyone about how drinking and using drugs is stupid. I’m definitely past that now. I’ve given up trying to “save the world”. I’ve “mellowed out”, so to speak. To this day, I still have never had anything to do with alcohol or drugs, but I keep that to myself, unless someone asks me about it. With the exception of this note.

A significant downside to being straight edge, is not having a lot of friends I can “hang out” with, on a regular basis. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, where weed is as common as Pepsi. It’s practically legal here now, so there’s no way to get away from it. Everyone I know makes specific plans to get drunk or stoned on the weekend. It’s pretty annoying, but I just smile and nod. It’s hard to pretend you’re “cool”, when you don’t agree with what “cool” is.

Bottom line: it’s all about choice. If you want to kill yourself, go fucking kill yourself. Who am I to stop you? All I can do is offer my opinion when someone asks, and hope some one actually understands and/or agrees.”

I will add that, I don’t think pot will kill you or get you hooked on other drugs. Pot just makes you stupid, apathetic, and non-productive for a while. This can’t lead to anything, really. Good or bad.

Happy 4:20. Dumbasses.