webscreen3I’m always on the lookout for a cool case or skin for my iPhone. I tend to lean towards the skin, rather than the case, because I don’t like adding bulk to the beautiful design of the iPhone. I have tried Gelaskins, Invisible Shield, and Phantom Skins, but while reading one of my favourite blogs, iPhoneinCanada.ca, I saw an add for U-Skins, or uniqueskins.com. This site allows you to create your own customized skin, using a 3M product, very similar to Gelaskins. You can create an image online, with the available backgrounds and images, or you can upload you very own image, for a very personalized iPhone skin. Could be a favourite band or sports team logo, pictures of family, or anything else you can imagine.

I decided to go with the personal approach. I created an image in Photoshop. I had the idea to make the back of my iPhone look like a Nintendo GameBoy, but running on Apple OS. (Yeah, I’m a nerd). After creating the image, I simple uploaded it to http://www.uniqueskins.com, and placed it in the right position, on the iPhone template. You can also add a design for the front, but it does not include screen protection. I just used the protection for the back. Once your all finished designing, add the item to my cart, and check out.


The end result is amazing, and at the price of $6.99 US (plus shipping), you don’t have to worry about getting bored of your design. Just order another one! I’m on my second one, now. Unique Skins supports many other brands of cell phones, as well as iPods, gaming consoles, and laptop computers. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for some cool protection for their portable devices.

Here’s some before and after pics of my original design, and then how it looks on my iPhone.

applegameboy img_0045