screenshot_06It’s not very often an iPhone game of such magnitude, excitement, and such raw power comes along. StickWars… not one of them, but what it is, is very simple and very addictive. This is exactly the formula to make an iPhone game extremely successful. At the time I am writing this, StickWars was #2 in the iTunes App Store, and threatening the top spot, where “Flight Control” has ruled supreme for the past few weeks.

The basic premiss is, protect your castle from the attacking stick men. You do this by tapping them and throwing them (by dragging) straight up in the air, so that when they hit the ground they are dead. As you progress through the levels you are awarded upgrades, depending on how much cash you earn. You can repair and fortify your walls. Add a prison, and then pick up enemies and drop them in. Then you can add a bomb factory, archery pit, repair shop, and a wizard school, and then train your prisoners to defend your castle with these skills.

So far, I have found this game to be tons of fun, and highly addictive. You will find yourself frantically swiping your screen to get rid of all the stick men, who seem to come quicker and quicker, and in greater numbers, as the game progresses. Definitely worth $0.99. Look for it in the iTunes App Store now.

Here’s of few screen shots for you. This is me getting slaughtered in round 23: