screenshot_014Another great console game comes to the iPhone. I’ve played this game on XBOX 360 and Nintendo DS, and this version defenitely holds up, against it’s siblings. The iPhone/iPod Touch version, is basically just a port of the DS version, but the graphics seem way better on the iPhones high resolution screen.

The game play is quite satisfing. The touch screen analog stick-type interface, to move Altair around the screen, takes a bit getting used to, but is very responsive. You have other touch controls for jumping, drawing your sword, among other actions, which make navigating the levels and fighting enemies, very simple, but still really fun.

The “pick pocket” mini games are here, as well, and are pretty much exactly like on the DS. You will need to pick pocket enemies to get keys for locked gates, and other necessary items.

On the negative side, I will say that loading times, after start up and between levels, were a little longer than I had hoped. Not sure if that is an issue with my poor ‘ole jailbroken phone, or if the game itself is using a lot of RAM. It is quite a “big” game, at 128 mb. Also, you may only play through this once, as it doesn’t really have that “addictive” quality that really makes an iPhone game popular.

I haven’t finished the game yet, but overall it is a very cool addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, that works very well on the iPhone. It is available now, in the iTunes App Store, for $9.99. I’m giving this one 3.75 green candies, out of 5.

Here’s a short demo of the game I through together. I appologize for the poor frame rate, but the only measn I had to put this together is DemoGod and ScreenSplitr. You’ll get an idea of the game play, anyway.

Here are a few screen shots, as well: