photo-11So, I heard Green Day had a new album coming out. I’ve been a fan of this band for many years; ever since “Kerplunk” came out. I saw them in Toronto, with Bad Religion and Seaweed. (awesome show). I heard that they had released a video for they’re newest single, “Know Your Enemy”. I thought, “Hey, why not check it out on YouTube?”.

So, I head over to YouTube, search for “Know Your Enemy”, but I can’t seem to find an official posting from Green Day. Instead I find a bunch of kids, filming themselves playing the new Green Day song. HUH?! Obviously, I’m not on YouTube enough, because I’ve come to find out that this is a huge trend on YouTube. Lots of people “showing off’, by filming themselves playing other people’s music. I put showing off in quotations, because it really does not take much talent on guitar to play a Green Day song. In fact, I think if you’ve just played Guitar Hero once, you could figure out a Green Day song. (No offense to Green Day. I do still like this band).

I posted a comment on one of these videos, asking why people do this. The answer I got, was “To show off! lol”. (“lol”, fuck, that’s a whole other post!). Really?! To show off?!! If you really wanted to show off, you would write you’re own damn song, and post it online. I, for one, am not impressed by your “skills”. That’s what’s annoying me today.

You might ask, “Who the fuck are you, to judge?”. Well, I’m nobody, really. Just voicing my opinion. I played in an original band for about 8 years of my life. Wrote and recorded 3 albums and toured across Canada a few times. I did not make it “big”, by any means. I just hope these kids will put just as much effort into creating, as they do copying. I will say, now that I’m old and past my prime (haha), I do play in a cover band, but it’s just for fun, and not to show off. Wait…maybe these kids are just having fun? Ah fuck it…I’m still annoyed!

Thanks for reading “What’s Annoying Me Today”. There will be more of these to come!