IMG_0025If you’re an iPhone owner, and have children, you probably have the same problem I do. “Daddy, can I play a game on your Phone Pod?”. Cute, right? My daughter is 5, so there are tons of games on the iPhone that she enjoys. But, what if you little one is just a toddler? Well Rebecca Hupp and John O’Dwyer have come up with one solution: Pacifier.

Pacifier is an iPhone application for 1 -3 year olds, that teaches children basic cognitive, vocabulary, and counting skills, while entertaining them with stunning visual effects and classical music. I was able to get my hands on Pacifier Lite. Once you open the app and hit “Play”, you are treated to soothing, classical music, with 4 very recognizable shapes floating around the screen. Toddlers get practice with hand/eye coordination, as the try to tap the shapes. When they are successful in  tapping the shape, a friendly voice announces the name and colour of the shape. Then the shape stops moving and changes colour, until all shapes are tapped. Then they’ll start floating again, which makes for continuous game play.

The free, lite version is just clours and shapes, but the full paid version intergrates counting, as well. If you’ve been looking for an app that your little one can enjoy, and you’re willing to risk getting drool all over your iPhone, I would recommend this app. Only $.99, and is available in the iTunes App Store now. Click here for a direct link to iTunes.

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