new_iphone_2There is a saying that goes something like: “It’s not the destination, but the journey.”. I think about this saying when I read all these rumours and stuff about the “next big thing”. We all get all excited with all the rumours, that we, ourselves, have wished into being. Then, when we finally do get the product, it’s somewhat of an anti-climax, as we only get a bit of what we were “expecting”.

With a new iPhone probably being announced on Monday, I thought I would compile some of my favourite pics that haved been “leaked”. I put leaked in quotes, because we know some of these are fakes and mock ups, while others could be real. Some shots of a possible new website, new casing for the back of the phone, full renderings of the new iPhone…the list is endless, and seems to be worse than last year.

Here’s a pic that could be showing the new iPhone webpage. We can see a little green light on the front, possibley indicating an iChat camera. It also says “Available Today”, indicating that we might be able to pick up the new phone next week!


Here’s a nice collage of pics of the new casing, that someone put together. Look legit, right?


This one is questionable, but plausible. It confirms some of the recent rumours, like a matte, or rubber finish, black bezel, glowing Apple logo. It also shows the earphone jack on the bottom.


Here’s a mock up that is highly unlikely, but is just so pretty.


And, of course, this evidence of the new iPhone in Vancouver, that Gary at reported on. 😉

iphone_cakeOkay, so that one is just a birthday cake.

Will any of these even come close? We’ll find out on Monday, June 8th. I’ll be tweeting and writing a new post during the keynote, so stayed tuned for all the details.

UPDATE (June 6th): This one just popped up on a french website. This one looks legit. I’m getting excited now. Looks like I’ll spending some money next week.