screenshot_03The day we’ve all been waiting for, has arrived. Apple’s WWDC 2009. With tons of rumours and leaks flying around the web, about a new iPhone, we were pretty much expecting this today. Well the new iPhone is here, and here’s all the details.

The iPhone 3Gs brought to life some of the rumours we’ve been hearing, but not all. The biggest rumour lately, has been the iChat camera on the front, for video conferencing. Nope. Just a rumour, after all. Along with that, has been the rumour that the earpeice would be moved up to the bezel, and the bezel now all black. Also, a black, matte casing was widely rumoured. Nope. The iPhone 3Gs looks exactly the same as the iPhone 3G. Good news for third party case and skin manufacturers.

So what did we get? Well, we get all the stuff that iPhone OS 3.0, has to offer. No surprise there. As for hardware, we will get a 3.2 megapixel camera, with autofocus. Also, tap screenshot_02anywhere on the screen to focus on that object. A new macro feature, allows you get up to 10cm close to your subect. The camera will also capture video; VGA, at 30fps. A huge advancement that most iPhone users have wanted for a long time. You can capture, edit, and share video, all on the iPhone. Send via email, or MMS (where supported).

The iPhone 3Gs features a processor that is at least 2X faster, all around. The demo showed the Messaaging app opening twice as fast!

We will get Voice Control! Press and hold the home button to activate Voice control, then make calls, use iTunes, and more.

Batery life has been improved, by about 1.5X. Up to 9 hours WiFi internet use, up to 10 hours of audio playback, and up to 7 hours of video playback.

So, what will this “new” iPhone cost us? Good news here: 16GB, for $199, and a new 32GB, for $299. The biggest pricing announcement for somw, was that Apple will keep the “old” iPhone 3G on the market, and a reduced price of $99, for an 8GB model. This will surely convert all those that have been holding back, due to the price tag.

The new iPhone 3Gs and new pricing on the iPhone 3G is available June 19th. Anybody get in line yet? I’m still using a 1st gen iPhone, so it may be time for me to upgrade. I’ve been wanting 32GB, for a while. That alone, is enough for me to give Apple more of my hard earned cash!

Here’s some more screenshots of the new iPhone 3Gs: