applelogoEarlier this evening, Musclenerd, from the iPhone Dev Team, demo’d what we thought would be yellowsn0w 3.0. We quickly learned that it will be called “UltraSn0w”, and it will be released this Friday. It works just the same as yellowsn0w did, as a simple download, via Cydia. UltraSn0w is a software unlock, in OS 3.0, for all current iPhone 3G. No word on if this will work for iPhone 3G S, but I’m sure they will be testing this, once they get their hands on one!

We should expect a new QuickPwn and Pwnage Tool tomorrow, shortly after OS 3.0 is released. This is not an official release date, it’s just me guessing! 😉

Check out the demo of UltraSn0w, here:

For more info on all things Jailbreak, go to the Dev Team’s blog: