screenshot_01Yup. Looks like a jailbreak for the new iPhone 3GS is on the way. The Dev Team posted on their blog, that the same bootrom exploit used to jailbreak the iPod Touch 2G, exists in the iPhone 3GS, therefore, we will be able to jailbreak the 3GS with redsn0w. The Dev Team also said, there are few things to work out, for this jailbreak, as there are issues in the 3GS that they have not seen in any other device.

Also, UltraSn0w can be used to unlock the 3GS, in it’s current form! So as soon as the jailbreak is released, you’ll be able to unlock your 3GS, as well.

The Dev Team have not given an ETA, or any kind of timeline for this release, but confirming that the 3GS CAN be jailbroken, is the first big hurdle. Shouldn’t be long now.

Way to go Dev Team. I’m already refreshing your page over and over!