screenshot_01This should go without saying by now, but if you are using an iPhone that relies on being unlocked, or you need to keep your jailbreak for any reason, DO NOT UPDATE TO 3.1 RIGHT AWAY!!

Everytime there is a new firmware update, so many folks get burned by clicking that ever so tempting update button. You should not update until the jailbreaking tools are released. This way you will have no “down” time, if you are relying on UltraSn0w, to unlock and use your iPhone on a non-legit carrier.

The same goes for all other apps that are intalled, via a jailbreak and Cydia. Winterboard, Installd, SBSettings…all of these will be gone when you update. You will need to re-jailbreak to get them back, and if the tools aren’t available, you’re stuck.

Currently, iPhone Edgs, iPhone 3g, iPod Touch, and iPod Touch 2nd gen, running OS 3.0, are jailbreakable. You can just search this blog for tutorials, or go to the iPhone Dev Team’s official blog.

Here’s what the Dev Team has to say on the issue, this time around:

“You’ve seen us give this warning before, and there are only so many ways to say it or come up with a clever title 🙂 But here it is: ultrasn0w users must stay away from any firmware updates past 3.0 (including today’s 3.1 beta) until we release the tools that let you update the firmware without updating the baseband.  For most phones out there, baseband updates are irreversible and you’ll lose ultrasn0w.

The 3.0 jailbreak was one of those (rare) times where both the jailbreak and the unlock coincided (the only other time was 2.2).  It’s important that people realize that *most* firmware releases aren’t like that, and you need to take steps (via the tools) to separate the firmware update from its included baseband update.

This warning does not apply to the iPhone 2G, which uses BootNeuter for the unlock, not ultrasn0w.”