Well, after all that “purple” drama, we finally have a cross platform, muti-device jailbreak solution from our beloved iPhone Dev Team. Earlier today, they released redsn0w v0.8, which now supports iPhone 3GS, along with the previous 2 iPhones, and both iPod Touch models. Here’s the official description:

“redsn0w is a easy to use, multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking tool for the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G/3GS and also the iPod touch(1st generation and second generation). Currently it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.”

I’m going to give a quick tutorial on how to do this, on a Mac. There is a couple of things you need: a copy of your iPhone, or iPod Touch 3.0 firmware. The latest version of iTunes (8.2.23). And the latest version of redsn0w (v0.8). You can get iTunes here, and redsn0w here. If you do a restore, via iTunes, you firmware for your iPhone will be here: (HDD>Users>your user name here>Library>iTunes>iPhone Software Updates).

– If you have already done a jailbreak on your device, you’ll need to restore first. Open iTunes, and connect your iPhone. Select your device from the list on the left. Hold “Option” and click “Restore”, and then navigate to your firmware. Click “Open”. iTunes will do everything for. Once it has rebooted to your lock screen, continue to the next step.

– With your iPhone still connected to your computer, launch redsn0w. It will ask you to find your firmware on your computer. Click “Browse”, navigate to your firmware, and click “Open”.


– Once redsn0w has successfully identified your firmware, click next. Redsn0w will then start to prepare the jailbreak.


– The next screen will ask you to select “Cydia”, “Icy”, or both. My personal opinion is just select Cydia. This is the 3rd party installation app I use the most. Icy is the replacement for Installer 4, which I never used anyway. Just my opinion. Once you’ve selected, click “Next”.


– This next step is crucial. Make sure you follow these instructions, exactly (see the screen shot). With this version, we just need to get your iPhone into recovery mode. With previous versions, we had to use DFU mode, which is a little more tricky. As it says below, disconnect your device, turn it off, and wait at least 5 seconds, after the spinning wheel disappears. Then hold your home button, and reconnect to your computer. Keep holding that button until you see the USB cord and the iTunes logo on your iPhone’s screen.


– We’re pretty much done. Redsn0w will do the rest of the work. Just let it run.





– During this process, you will begin to see things happening on your iPhone. You’ll see a bunch of code flying by, and then this logo should pop up:

quickpwn-299x300– Once that’s complete, your iPhone will reboot. Done. Now you can customize your iPhone, however you want. Connect to iTunes, and restore from your last back up, or set up as a new iPhone.

If you need to unlock your iPhone, see this tutorial.

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