IMG_0013It’s been a while since I reviewed a game, so I thought I would tell you all about my latest addiction: Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D.

Basically, you have to build towers to fill parts of the city. The goal is to get your population high enough to fill the city, and to unlock other parts of the city. This is accomplished by building your towers as high as you can. The higher the tower, the more people can live in it.

You stack your towers, one floor at a time. If you can stack them perfectly, you score combos, and get more people “moving in”. As you progress, you unlock higher towers, and, in turn, get more people in your city.

As you are building your tower, new floors are lowered down by a crane, and are swinging back and forth. This makes it tricky to score those high combos. Also, if your not landing your new floors perfectly, your tower starts to sway back and forth, making it even harder. As the towers get higher, the swaying gets worse. You can miss 3 times, before your kicked off the worksite. Finish the tower, to score the most points.

The fun graphics and simple strategy, make this game great for young and “older”. My daughter and I have a great time playing this together. We take turns building towers, to see who can get the highest score. There is also a “Party Game” mode, where 2 players can play side by side, in landscape.

I would definitely recommend this game. You can find it in the App Store for $.99, or you can download the lite version, for free.

Here’s a few more screens:





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