“Windoze for iPhone” showed up in Cydia today, under the Xsellize repo. I thought this must be a joke, but I proceeded to download and install it anyway. It turns out that it is a project called “Bochs“, and features Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. They only really work on the iPhone 3GS, as the other iPhones don’t have the RAM or processing power needed.

I really don’t know what the point of this project is. You can’t really do very much with this. Windows 95 takes a long time to boot up, and runs quite slow on the iPhone 3GS, so I imagine it not working at all on the 3G and EDGE models. Having said that, this is a real Windows emulator, working on an iPhone. I was able to navigate around the desktop, hit the “Start” button, go to “Programs”, and open the MS DOS Prompt. I tried to open Internet Explorer, but I got an error, (hilarious!), saying “An unexpected error occurred.”. Unexpected is right, YOUR RUNNING ON AN iPHONE!

Who knows what this could lead to. There are definitely improvements to be made. I could feel my iPhone heating up, as I watched the battery deplete rapidly, right before my eyes. This seems like just a first step, but into what, I’m not sure. 😉

Here’s a few screen shots that I took, while trying to make this work:









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