“Theme Settings”, released by David Ashman, in Cydia, via the ModMyi repo, moves the control of Winterboard to the Settings app. This means, that instead of opening the Winterboard app, on the Springboard, you can simply go to Settings > Winterboard, to apply your themes. There is also a setting to hide the Winterboard icon, giving you an extra space on your home screen.

The feature that I found most interesting, was the “Springboard Only” setting. With this turned on, your themes are applied to only the springboard, and not the apps, improving the memory usage and performance of your applications. I noticed a big difference, as soon as I turned on this feature. Opening apps, and general usage of the phone is quicker and snappier, as if Winterboard was not even installed.

This shouldn’t need mentioning, but you must have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, with Winterboard already installed. You can find Theme Settings in Cydia now, for free.

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