TlertMirroredOne slightly annoying thing, on the iPhone, is getting a SMS message in the middle of a frantic round of Flight Control. If you need to reply, you have to hit “Reply” on the ugly pop up, wait for the game to close, then wait for the Message app to open, type and send your reply, then try to get back into your game. Well, no more! With “Tlert”, from Intelliborn, you can now view and reply to you SMS messages from within any application on your iPhone, in portrait or landscape, and even right from your lock screen. 

Here’s the features: 

– Smaller real estate taken up on incoming SMS
– More pleasing UI – with colors you can choose from!
– Respond to a text message without closing out of the app you may be working in
– Landscape SMS – faster and easier to type your Texts
– Integrates with native iPhone SMS App 
– Won’t show if new message is part of viewing conversation 
– Message will show if not in current conversation.
– Tlert uses ViewThrough Patent Pending Technology for alerting users of new events and information.

Your iPhone does need to be jailbroken to use this app. Here’s how it works: when you receive a message, a chat-style bubble will pop up on your screen. Once you’ve read the message, you can close it, or tap it to reply. A second bubble pops up. You type your reply, and tap send. Then, you’re back to surfing the web, playing your favourite iPhone game, or whatever you were doing.

IMG_0537 IMG_0538

Tlert is also very customizable. Many different alert bubbles to choose from. You can toggle settings like, “Contact Photos” and Show on Lockscreen”.

IMG_0530 IMG_0536

Mostly, this app worked just like it said it would. On my iPhone, my default SMS Message pop up was still there, so I still had to close that. I didn’t see a setting to turn this off. Maybe this is meant to work with Pop Up Blocker?

So how do you get this app? Well, that’s the tricky part. Although it comes from Intelliborn, they have not added it to their repo in Cydia. It seems to be only available from Rock Your Phone. You can purchase the app on their website, (The app costs $7.99 regularly, on sale right now for $4.99.), but in order to get it on your iPhone, you have to use their proprietary desktop client. I haven’t researched this fully, but the website seems to suggest that their desktop client will do a “soft unlock”, and then install your purchases. This is a big fail, in my book.

I’m not too comfortable hooking my iPhone up to something I don’t know much about, so I looked for an alternative method to get this app. I found that the app had been cracked and distributed on a different repo, in Cydia. (Use your Google, Bing, or whatever!) This is how I was able to try it out. I’m still undecided if I will purchase it. I will say that it is important to support these developers, but in this case, they have not made it as easy as Cydia, or the actual App Store.