quickpwn-299x300MuscleNerd, of the iPhone Dev Team, has posted, on Twitter, that iPhone 3GS owners will always be able to jailbreak, even w/o signed files, unless you update to official IPSWs.

So what does this really mean? It means: if you have an iPhone 3GS, and it is jailbroken, DO NOT UPDATE, VIA iTUNES, EVER!! I use caps lock, because this is very important.

MuscleNerd says: “a broken chain of trust means you can always update to pre-hacked IPSWs.  Just have patience for the tools and stay clear of Apple’s IPSWs.”.

So, as long as we never update or restore to an official IPSW, we’ll always be able to jailbreak, with the Pwnage Tool. 3GS owners may never be able to use the redsn0w jailbreak again, though.

The newest version of the Pwnage Tool is expected to be released any day now.