cpich3g, from the iPhone Dev Team posted on Twitter today the OS 3.1, on the iPhone 3GS, has been successfully jailbroken. Here’s what cpich had to say:


This means that it won’t be long until we get an update for Pwnage Tool 3.1, to support iPhone 3GS. No word on iPod Touch 2g or 3g. Maybe that’s the next thing they’re working on.

cpich also posted this image, showing a 32GB, iPhone 3GS, on OS 3.1, but still on baseband 04.26.08. This means we’ll be able to unlock, as well, probably with ultrasn0w.


I also read a rumor on Twitter, that the new tools will be released tomorrow!! We’ll see…

UPDATE: cpich has added:


This means, if you bought a new 3GS with 3.1 already installed, or installed the official 3.1 IPSW, via, iTunes, you will not be able to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS with this next release from the iPhone Dev Team.

So glad I waited! I’ll keep updating this post, until the release, and then I’ll post a tutorial.