Wow. Tons of iPhone news this week. It seems there may be a couple of more options for jailbreaking Apple devices coming up.

GeoHot, the original iPhone unlocker, has said he has discovered a universal jailbreak for all Apple devices. This is a completely new jailbreak. You can view his post here, but this is what he had to say:

“no affiliation to greenpois0n. and it’s in some ways the complete opposite of purplera1n. but still 10 seconds. and may work for every version of software *ever*, based on the prettiness of the exploit”

It seems this new exploit will jailbreak all iPod Touches, and all iPhones on firmware 3.1. GeoHot is the originator, so I’m always curious to see what’s he’s got up his sleeve.


Also, the Chronic Dev Team has shown a sneek peek of their upcoming Sn0wbreeze. Basically, this will be the Pwnage Tool, on Windows. Something Windows users have been wanting for quite some time. They are hoping to release this on Oct 12th.