The new jailbreak tool from geohot, will be called “Blackra1n”, and now has a website, George has successfully jailbroken the iPod Touch 3g, the iPhone 3GS, and all previous Apple touch devices, at firmware 3.1, and is currently putting the final touches on the software.

No release date has been announced, so when you go to the site, all you see is this:


Geohot has siad, on Twitter: “i’m sorry to say the release won’t be tonight though, still got 4 more devices to make it work on…and a little remaining problem with ipt3”.

As always, DO NOT UPDATE TO AN OFFICIAL IPSW, IF YOU PLAN TO UNLOCK. This new jailbreak, will not save your current baseband. You will have to update in iTunes, then jailbreak with this tool. If you need to unlock, then you must use the Pwnage Tool to create a custom IPSW.

I will most likely post a tutorial, after it’s release, but if it’s anything like purplera1n, it will be pretty simple.