screenshot_08A few days ago we reported on blackra1n, an all Apple touch device jailbreak, for firmware 3.1.2. It was only available for Windows, but a Mac OS X version has just been released. Click here to download.

The Mac version seems even faster than the Windows version. I had jailbroken an iPod Touch 16GB, 2G, within 2 minutes on the app’s release. Fast download. No installation required. No messing with ending processes, services, anti-viruses, firewalls, etc, etc. Very impressive.

IMPORTANT: If you rely on having your iPhone unlocked, DO NOT USE THIS TOOL. For this tool, you must upgrade your OS, via iTunes, which in turn, upgrades your baseband. The current baseband cannot be unlocked. If you need to have your iPhone unlocked, you’ll have to use Pwnage Tool 3.1.4, from the iPhone Dev Team to jailbreak 3.1.2, by creating a custom firmware that preserves the unlockable baseband.

UPDATE: I have now tested this on an iPod Touch 2g and an iPhone 3G. I have found that on my iMac 7,1 it works with no issues. I tried it on my MacBook 5,1 and it just hung at “Entering Recovering Mode”, and then balckra1n became non-responsive. Not sure what the issue is, between these 2 Macs. This is just my experience, so far.

Simple instructions: Connect device. Leave iTunes open. Open blackra1n. Click “Make it ra1n”. That’s it.






Find the Blackra1n app on your iPhone. You use this to install Cydia, Icy, and/or Rock. Open up the Blackra1n app, by tapping the icon on your homescreen:

IMG_0003 IMG_0004

Select which 3rd party installer you want to use. In my case I’m just sticking with Cydia. Then tap Install, in the upper right.

IMG_0005 IMG_0006

Once you’ve installed your 3rd party installers of choice, you can then delete the Blackra1n app. Just tap the edit icon, next to “Uninstall Blackra1n”, and select “Delete”.


On the iPod Touch I just jailbroke, Winterboard was working fine, but I could not access my root folders, with DiskAid. You will still need to install “afc2add“, from Cydia, to make this work.

To read our post on the Windows version, click here.

Overall, blackra1n has been an impressive release from Geohot. It’s nice to see a simple solution for jailbreaking this most recent firmware. If you don’t need to unlock, this is the jailbreak tool of choice, until a new redsn0w is released, from the iPhone Dev Team.

Here’s a quick video of backra1n working on my iMac: