screenshot_01Members of the iPhone Dev Team have been reporting, on Twitter, that newly shipped iPhone 3GS’s, and iPod Touches, have a new bootrom that is not vulnerable to the “24kpwn” exploit that has been in use for all jailbreak tools from the iPhone Dev Team, including QuickPwn, Pwnage Tool, and redsn0w.

Right now, the Dev Team is saying this bootrom can’t be hacked, but to be realistic, we didn’t know if the first devices could be hacked, either. Apparently, this bootrom is more secure, but someone is bound to find a way in.

If you already have an iPhone 3GS, not to worry. You will always be able to jailbreak. It’s just the real new units that have this new bootrom.

Attack of the Show included this story in “The Feed” today: