blacksn0wGeohot has released his newest unlock, blacksn0w, for iPhone 3G and 3GS on firmware 3.1.2, and baseband 05.11.07. The fastest jailbreak and unlock ever. Update your blackra1n app to get blacksn0w, or wait until later in the day, and download it from Cydia.

Here’s the details from Geohot’s blog:

“Today 11/3/09 is a sn0w day. School is officially cancelled, and all your iPhones will be unlocked. Remember getting those calls?

At Noon EST, 5 PM GMT, I will be making it sn0w, and I’m looking to see “#blacksn0w” trending. blacksn0w is the unlock for the latest 05.11.07 baseband, and will also enable official tethering.blackra1n, a jailbreak for 3.1.2, has been updated to RC3, with hacktivation support, 15 second speed improvement, Tiger+PPC support, and installation of the latest Here is how getting yourself some sn0w and ra1n will work.

Nothing is live until Noon

If you are a loyal blackra1n user who kept the on your iPhone, run it. You will see Icy replaced by an option “ra1n”. Install this to upgrade your app. After upgrading, run again. You will see “sn0w”. Install this, and enjoy your unlocked iPhone.

If you are new to the scene, just looking for an unlock, finally ready to upgrade to 3.1.2 and the accompanying baseband, willing to restore for the latest and greatest, or stuck on the “Connect to iTunes” screen, you are in luck. Jailbreaking and unlocking have never been easier. Go to, click on the logo corresponding to your operating system, run the app, and click “make it ra1n”. When your phone reboots, you’ll see Run this, install blacksn0w, and enjoy your unlocked iPhone.

If you jailbroke using pwnage or deleted your, you are in luck too. Sometime later in the sn0wday, blacksn0w will be added to Cydia, and instructions will be posted here.

If you are on a 2G iPhone, blacksn0w isn’t an option for you. ButBootNeuter is, a completely free permanent unlock for your 2G. Of course, blackra1n will work great, and even hacktivate for you.

If you have been getting 404 errors when downloading from, first off, be sure you use the links at If you are, something is blocking your http referrer.

Thanks to ih8sn0w for bringing the at+xemn command to my attention. This is the injection vector used to get code running on the baseband. One of these days I will write a technical post about how it works.

Also, a note. This may be the best iPhone users ever have it. Be sure, if you have a 3GS or iPod Touch 3, to use Cydia’s “On File” or Firmware Umbrella in order to be able to restore to 3.1.2 in the future. And as always, the baseband cannot be downgraded, so be *super* careful with updates if you need the unlock.”

If you haven’t used blackra1n yet, you can download it from here. Blacksn0w is included in the blackra1n app.

I’ll be testing this later today!