just discovered a new push notification service, for the iPhone, called Boxcar. This all in one app, gives you push notifications for Twitter, Facebook, and email. There are other apps out there that give you push for Twitter and email, but this is the first push notification app, I’ve heard of, that includes Facebook.

Boxcar is incredibly easy to set up. If you don’t already have an account with Boxcar, just type in what you would want your email and password to be, and your account is created automatically. You have the option to add a few services to your account: Twitter, Twitter search, Twitter Trends, Facebook, and email. Choose wisely though, as your first service is free, but any additional services are gonna cost you, via in-app purchasing.

I chose to add Facebook, as I already receive push notifications for Twitter, via SimplyTweet. For Facebook, notifications are sent when someone comments on your status, posts on your wall, comments on a photo of you, or sends you a message. Boxcar polls your Facebook account every 2 minutes, looking for notifications. If it finds any, read or unread, it sends them to you, via push. There are many notification sounds to choose from, none of them being the stock iPhone sounds, so you won’t get confused with other notifications you are receiveing. You can also toggle badge notifications, on or off.

There have been some reports, just in the past week, that Facebook notifications have stopped working. Boxcar is looking into this, and you can get help on their support page, here. At the time of this post, I myself, could not get this to work with Facebook. According to the reports I read, Boxcar worked fine from it’s release date, up until just last week. Boxcar is currently looking into the issue.

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this, my Facebook notifications did start to work, but I wasn’t receiving all my notifications. This one was someone commenting on a photo I had commented on earlier.