Are you on Rogers, with your iPhone? Have you noticed your “reliable” network is not to  reliable lately?

Over the last couple of months we have heard about Rogers upgrading their network to offer speeds of up to 21MBps, making Rogers one of the fastest networks in North America. Has anyone seen these speeds? Granted, you need a device capable of this. I have an iPhone 3GS, which is capable of up to 7.2MBps, yet I’m surprised when I can get over 1MBps. In fact, just yesterday, Rogers 3G wasn’t working at all, in British Columbia. A friend of mine called Rogers and they suggested switching off 3G and just using EDGE for a while. Really??!!! Your trying to promote yourself as the country’s most reliable 3G network, and your telling your customers to turn it off??!!!

Looking at Rogers website yesterday I did notice that their “Canada’s Most Reliable Network” slogan has changed to “Canada’s Reliable Network”. With the speeds I’ve been seeing lately, I would even argue that point.

So, are these problems just network congestion, or is Rogers choking our speeds on purpose? Is their a bigger problem that they are not admitting to? I tried calling Rogers iPhone Tech Support this morning; they have a pre-recorded message stating that they are having issues in Victoria, specifically, (that’s where I am) and are working on the issue. I didn’t bother to stay on hold past this message. The issues are drop calls, not being able to place or receive calls, etc. I hope when this is resolved, my 3G speed issues are resolved as well. We’ll see.

Anyone else across Canada having trouble? Post in the comments.