Before your iPhone or iPod Touch, did you own one of the “classic” iPods, with the click wheel? Do you miss the good ‘ole days? Well, a new app, just released in Cydia, brings the click wheel to your touch screen. Take a look at “iClassic”.

iClassic is an alternative to the iPod app, for playing music. It mimics the look and feel of the iPod Classic, incorporating a touch version of the click wheel, with the familiar sound of navigating through the menus. It accesses your iPod library and displays Playlists, Artists, and Songs, just like the iPod Classic. It even displays the album art, when playing a song.

In the Settings, you can set your iPod Classic to silver or black, adjust your repeat options, toggle “Shake to Shuffle”,  and set iClassic to open on double tap of the home button. Why doesn’t it look like an iPod’s click wheel? (you may ask). Well, BigBoss and Cydia are not allowed to distribute the original images, due to leagal reasons, but iClassic is themeable! In fact there is already one theme available that makes iClassic look exactly like an iPod Classic.

There are a few people out there (myself included) who have hung onto their old iPods, either for the storage, or just plain old nostalgia. iClassic definitely brings back that old feeling of using the click wheel. iClassic is available in Cydia, from BigBoss, for $2.00.