Apple has approved an app that allows video recording on the iPhone 3G and the original iPhone. “iVideoCamera” recording capability, without having to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS. Of course, there are apps for jailbroken iPhones that already do this, but this is the first official release from the App Store to allow this. It is only $.99.

So, does it work? My opinion: Meh… It is great that there is an official solution, but, to be honest, the quality is not that great. Rather than actual video recording, it is more like a timelapse, converted to video, resulting in a choppy, blurry video. Once you are finished recording, it takes approximately 1 minute to convert and save your video. I know 1 minute doesn’t sound long, but when you’re in the moment, it seems like forever.

Outdoors, the video quality is barely viewable. Moving the camera, at all, results in a choppy, stuttered effect. The audio is decent, though. It reminds me of a cheap webcam recording. Maybe that’s the best we can get with the 3G’s camera?

As you can imagine, indoors is much, much worse. Very blurry, and not watchable.

There are some great features, though. You can save videos to your camera roll, but you can also upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, and/or Vimeo, right within the app. Although, you have to log in to your account, on your computer, to name, tag, and describe the videos. Once your video is uploaded, the url of the video is automatically copied to your clipboard, so you can easily share it, via email, Twitter, or however you want. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

Being an iPhone 3GS owner, I know what kind of video the iPhone is capable, and this doesn’t even compare. The iPhone 3GS video is leaps and bounds above this quality. I’m sure the higher quality camera of the iPhone 3GS has a lot to do with it. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, I would suggest sticking with Cycorder, and don’t pay for this. If you’re completely against jailbreaking your iPhone 3G, then this is the app for you, if you want video recording capabilities.