A while back I wrote an article for http://www.iPhoneinCanada.ca, on how to make your iPhone look like a Palm Pre (check it out here). This is definitely an app that you could add to that. “ProSwitcher” is yet another backgrounding interface, to go with “Backgrounder”. It creates “cards”, like the Pre, that you can swipe through to choose from all your apps that are running in the background. A beta version of this app was leaked on Cydia, recently, so I took the opportunity to try it out.

PhotoToMac Mike's iPhone 3GS 39

So far, there are tons of settings for this new backgrounding interface. Custom background image, customize the shape of the cards, how many cards are viewed at a time, and much more. One thing not sorted out yet, is the way you activate it. Currently, you have to launch it from a Springboard icon, but we can assume there will some sort of Home button integration.

So far, this my favourite Backgrounder interface, and I can’t wait to get the full version. No word on when it will be officially released, and how much it will cost, at this time.