For a while now, I’ve been reporting on tweaks and mods here and there, to make your iPhone look and feel like a Palm Pre. This seems to be a bit of an obsession with iPhone developers, lately. Is the Pre really that good looking? I played with one, when it first came out in Canada, and I wasn’t really impressed with it’s performance, but it is pretty. We’ve seen many Palm Pre themes, card-style backgrounding with ProSwitcher, and most recently, ZapBrowser; a Pre inspired web browser for iPhone, that I just wrote about over at

Well, here’s the latest Pre inspired tweak: Window Planer. It is a new tweak in Cydia, that gives you the ability to round the corners of your iPhone’s screen, throughout the entire iPhone OS. You can adjust how much you want them rounded, in the Settings app.

Here’s a screen from Safari without Window Planer:

Here’s what it look likes with Window Planer enabled:

This can be adjusted on the fly, so it does not need a respring, after adjusting. It seems to just add black rounded corners, so if you have a black background, are using an app that is mostly black, or have a black Winterboard theme (like I do), you probably won’t notice a change. In the settings there is a toggle for something called “Pre-mode”, but it was greyed out, for me. Not sure what this does, but I can guess that it rounds the corners to the same radius as the Pre.

This is a nice little addition to the whole “I wish my iPhone was a Pre” phenomenon that has been happening. This one is available for all jailbroken iPhones, in Cydia, for free.