Google held a press conference today, anouncing their entry into the smartphone market, the Nexus One. There has been talk of a “Google Phone” for quite some time now. Even before the Android firmware was released, many speculated that the “Android” would be a physical device, and not just firmware for other devices.

Well, it’s here. Are we impressed? Are we throwing away our iPhones? Yes, and no. The device is gorgeous. Very sleek. Minimal buttons. Looks solid. You can tell they really wanted to go after the iPhone market. As for specs and how it compares to the iPhone, I’ve created this chart for you: (click to enlarge)

So, as you can see, if you’re just looking at hardware specs, the Nexus One seems like a superior device, compared to the iPhone 3GS. What makes a huge difference, is the operating system, and how it uses the hardware. Engadget did a side side by comparison of the web browsers, and the iPhone 3GS was about twice as fast as the Nexus One. One cool thing I heard about the Nexus One, is that it has Speech-to-Text, for all text fields; email, web, maps, everything.

Looks like it is available on T-Mobile, in the US. No plans for a Canadian release, as far as I know.