Facebook have updated their iPhone/iPod Touch application to 3.1. This update includes push notification support, and the ability to sync your Facebook friends info, with your contacts on your iPhone.

You can get push notifications for all of the below, with easy toggles in the Settings app. There is no sound or vibrate when you receive a notification, which I found dissapointing, but you still get the pop up, and the app icon has a badge, displaying the number of “pushes” you have received.

Friend sync let’s you have all you friends latest Facebook profile pics, in your iPhone’s contacts. Also, you can phone you friends directly from Facebook, by tapping the new phone icon the appears next to you friends name, as long as thier number is public, or you already have it.

One thing I was really hoping for with this update, was the ability to watch Facebook video, on my iPhone. Unfortunately, this isn’t avaialble yet. All Facebook videos are still in Flash format, and as we all know, Flash doesn’t work on the iPhone. In order for Facebook videos to work on the iPhone, they would have ot all be re-encoded in MP4 format. That is a ton of work. Just ask YouTube. 😉

You might notice mine looks a bit different than yours. it’s just because I still have the Pre font on there, and the Window Planer enabled. Yours will probably still be all square and Helvetica. 😉

UPDATE: There was an issue with the sync feature, where it deleted some people’s contacts on their phone. This has been resolved with update 3.1.1, available now, in the App store.