Yesterday, Canada’s largest cable provider, Shaw Communications, reported their first quarter earnings. So far, it has been a stellar year, with things only looking better.

Shaw annouced that they are finally going to get their cellphone division off the ground, making them a quadruple threat, in the communications market. Back in 2008, during the wireless spectrum auction, Shaw spent $189 million on wireless licenses in 18 different markets. Now, they have finally announced they plan to start doing something with it, this year.

“During fiscal 2010 we also plan to take initial steps to commence wireless activities, with build out planned over the next several years.”, says Jim Shaw, Chief Executive of Shaw Communications.

Although this is not a “launch date”, at least it is a plan to launch. This new division will be good for Shaw, but I think the longer they wait, the harder it will be for them. There is already some tough competion with Rogers, Telus, and Bell, and with the newer upstarts, like WIND and Dave Wirelss, it will be harder and harder to compete, while still making a profit. When Jim says “intial steps”, does that mean they plan to start building cell towers? Does this mean they will be “piggy backing” another carrier? We’ll just have to wait and see.

As for plans, pricing, and devices, there is no information on this, as of yet. It has been rumoured in the past that it will be a 3G HSPA/GSM type of network, but nothing has been confirmed by Shaw.