Many rumours are starting to surface, regarding iPhone OS 4.0. The latest one, is that iPhone’s default search engine will be Bing, and not Google. It’s no secret that there has been some animosity between these 2 tech giants, with the Android OS out there, and now the Nexus One, Google’s own handset, but could Apple separate itself from Google altogether?

Earlier this month, we heard about Apple purchasing the online ad firm, Quatrro Wireless. This could get them away from Google ads popping up on the iPhone, and making their own ad revenue.

We have also heard, last October, that Apple purchased a Company called PlaceBase, who produced a maps API called PushPin, which offers the same services as Google Maps. This could change the Google Maps app on the iPhone to there own proprietary maps app.

Personally, I don’t think the iPhone will be void of all things Google, but I do see it being, not integrated into the OS, as much as it now, and rather having Google apps, in the App Store. Out of the millions of iPhone users, around the world, a good chunk of us use Google products in one way or another, and need them on our iPhones.

Apple’s Jan 27th event may shed some light on this, if they announce the new firmware then.