Wow. That’s a loaded question, isn’t it? There has been a lot of iPad bashing on the internet, since the announcement of Apple’s “revolutionary” device.

Here’s my opinion: If you were expecting this device to replace your netbook, you’re probably disappointed.


It does seem like Apple is going after the netbook market here, but this is not really a “computer”, in the sense that a netbook is. Although the iPhone OS looks pretty amazing on the iPad, it is not the “Mobile OSX” people were hoping for.

No Usable External Ports

There are no external ports, besides the 30 pin dock connection. Couldn’t we have gotten one USB port? There is a USB adapter, but is only for cameras, as far as I know. There is an open API, for this device, so maybe we’ll see some more development with that. They is also a VGA adapter, for video out.

No Multi-tsking or Flash Support

No multi-tasking? Really? Even with that 1Ghz processor in there, you couldn’t figure out multi-tasking? While we’re on the topic of things running in the background, no Adobe Flash support?! Apple has called this “the best way to surf the web”, yet you won’t be able to see half of it, without Flash. Maybe they are banking on HTML5 taking over from Flash? Only Jobs knows.

No Camera

No camera on the front, for video chat. This seems like the perfect device for iChat and video conferencing. Just as we’d like to see this on our iPhone, it even seems more appropriate for the iPad. Although I agree with not having a camera on the back. That would only make this the most awkward camera ever. found that the use of a camera is implemented in the SDK. Is this for 3rd party camera devices? A feature that just wasn’t revealed? Who knows, but it seems we will see a camera eventually.


This is something that wasn’t talked about, very much. From the pictures and videos, we can see that you can change the wallpaper of your homescreen, but is that it? I like that they are starting to learn from the jailbreak community, but they need to open it up a little more here. Same goes for the iPhone and iPod Touch. They could even manage themes, via iTunes.

A Good Name 😉

iPad is catchy and meets the requirements of, one syllable, preceded by the letter “i”, but “pad” doesn’t seem very “techy”. I would have preferred “iSlate” or “iTablet” or even “iMagicMiracleUnicornRainbow”. Ah, whatever. It’s fine.

These are just a few things that I feel are missing from the iPad, and in theory, (and in precedent), can be fixed by the jailbreak community. Let’s get “Backgrounder” and “Winterboard” on the iPad, and we’re getting somewhere.

What is cool about the iPad? Just about everything else. This really seems to be a great device, but, as usual, Apple isn’t using it to it’s full capabilities, in the 1st generation. Look at the first iPhone, compared to the iPhone 3GS. If they didn’t do this, what would make us want to buy the 2nd generation iPad in 2011? It’s just business.

After thinking about it all day, I think I will end up getting an iPad. It is something my whole family can benefit from, and some of the flaws can be fixed with firmware updates.